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Welcome on the web site of the diving club Divers. Aim of this site is to provide the club members by interesting information and program prepared according to their needs.

For our members we prepare trips to the diving locations within Czech Republic as well as abroad. You'll be informed about actual dates and prices enough in advance via e-mail.

Even you can decide about the contents of our web site. Send us your comments, questions, suggestions or photos from your trips with the descriptive texts.

More information in the section Club Divers .

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Sea expeditions and explorations – adventurous cruises in the Mediterranean Sea on a transoceanic catamaran tailored for diving and sea exploration. Join us where the sails are humming, and the salty breeze brings you the experience of elements…

Acquire an insight into oceanography and the deep blue; learn underwater photography and filming, enjoy scuba diving in almost virgin waters, try the art of marine navigation, and relish the exquisite cuisine of the Mediterranean in the company of your closest friends.


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Salem Express

Last 6 free places on scuba diving SAFARI EGYPT "The best from the Red Sea " plus "extra" dive on wreck SALEM EXPRESS.

Termin: 10 -11.17.2005

Price: 630,- EUR without airticket

More in section diving travel


23. 09. 2005

Sharm el Sheikh

Dear friends and club members,

as usual I'm here to bring you some information, photos and texts from the world of diving. Except of two new movies you can find also the actual information about the stayings in the divers' camp Awlad Baraka.

Have a nice weekend

Petr Vonka

P.S. Finally we are officially registered as DIVERS Sports Club!

  • "New" wreck on Svata Marina - SUBMARINE? (video)
  • Photos from SHARM EL SHEIKH - Luděk Matoušek
  • Offer of diving holidays in the camp Awlad Baraka - South Egypt
  • Leštinka - Sunday's diving - how was it like ...
  • Trailer from the Lofoten expedition (video)
  • We recommend: Google Earth World map from the satellite - really amazing stuff
  • Signed contract with Multiservis, acceptance of payments with OK card and hire purchases

More info in the club news


21. 09. 2005

Report and video from our exploratory and successful expedition to Croatian Svata Marina is ready ... 14 days ago, Rudi Brajdic, the owner of EASY DIVER dive center has found a new wreck. By this he has broadened an offer of dive-locations in Svata Marina, but first of all got confused all of the wreck connoisseurs as so far it is not known, what kind of boat it is. After some of the features it might be a wreck of a submarine. On the other hand the wreck is missing most of the characteristic signs of such a boat. During the weekend we have done just one dive to the wreck. Concerning the depth (50m) it is not possible to examine all of the wreck during just one dive. Anyway the dive was really interesting. Maybe be because we have done a dive to the wreck where there was no one before us (except of Rudi, Tomáš and Michal) or maybe because it is completely unknown and unidentified wreck.

The longer report has been written by Kent and will be published hopefully in the next number of Potápění magazine.

Watch a short video here

Or download it in a better resolution here (DiVX 5,20MB)

Sharm el Sheikh

13. 09. 2005

Collection of beautiful photos from Sharm el Sheikh by Luděk Matoušek. They were done in October 2004. Definitely they are worth of watching them.

Photo gallery

Do You like the turtle?!? Put it as your wallpaper ... here


08. 09. 2005


Modified offer of holidays in the diver's camp AWLAD BARAKA, South Egypt. It is a good place for individuals, as well as for small or big groups. Virgin sea around Marsa Alam is a great attraction for all the diving safaris in the region. You can dive on this gorgeous places as well with no need to live for the whole week on the boat because of that. All the best locations are in the range of one day trip. This virginity won't last for much longer, as around Marsa Alam hotel complexes are built now everywhere, so maybe even then next year, you'll already find here the same amount of tourists as on the North of Egypt. So don't wait and go there ... You can just whenever!!!

More info

Leštinka 2005

29. 08. 2005

Sunday's diving took place on Leštinka. The weather had been kind to us, so it was warm and sunny for the whole day. The visibility was around 5 meters, sometimes maybe even more. We have found carps and pikes. For the lunch we had a BBQ ;-)

Some photos from nice Sunday's trip you can find in the section of Domestic locations.


Petr Vonka


26. 08. 2005

Trailer from the prepared video about our Lofoten expedition you can download here (27 Mb, DiVX) in better quality.

In lower quality but ready to be watched immediately here

I hope you will enjoy it!

Petr Vonka



24. 08. 2005

Dear friends and club members,

Expedice Lofoty 2005

after a longer time of silence I'm again here with some news which, as I hope, will please you. The weather is still not favorable for us, water-lovers, and the promised getting warmer is still not coming. Lets dive into the world of peace and silence at least virtually and dream a bit while watching the photos from Tomáš Kurfiřt, Petr Blecha and Petr Leitner token during our Lofoten expedition. On Sunday the weather should be nice so we'll go for our Sunday's diving to Leštinka - come with us. You can find here also some trips and diving courses with František Harant or with our new PADI instructor David Pavlíček.

Have a nice reading and watching

Yours Petr Vonka

  • We are introducing new instructor of Divers Club Mr. David Pavlíček
  • Report from the Expedition LOFOTEN 2005
  • Last free spaces for the Freediving course in Croatia
  • Trip to Croatia 31. - 04. 09. 2005
  • Sunday's trip to Leštinka

More info in the club news


24. 08. 2005


We are introducing new instructor of Divers Club Mr. David Pavlíček

David Pavlíček

  • Instructor PADI OWSI #193254

David has great experiences of being an instructor from Mexican Cancun (Yucatan peninsula). His domain is first of all wreck diving, UW photography and video. After his staying there for more than one year (2004 - 2005) in the local dive center he decided to return back to the Czech Republic and to continue his professional carrier with Divers Club. He teaches also in English!

mail padi@divers.cz

tel 608 932 591

Actual course terms

More about the system and courses


Expedice Lofoty 2005

20. 08. 2005

So it's finally here - so long time expected report from the expedition LOFOTEN 2005, lots of photos and hopefully even interesting text. All that in the section Foreign locations. Also you can find there an offer of the terms for the next expeditions (section Traveling). I'm still working on the video.

I'm looking forward your reactions and hopefully for the next expeditions in which you'll participate as well !!!

Petr Vonka


18. 08. 2005

Daniel Exner

Dear friends,

et me draw your attention onto he freediving course which will take place 03. - 10. 09. 2005 in Croatia. There are still some free places so do not hesitate and get in touch with us. I'm pretty sure that you won't regret it.

More info about the course and term here

Photos from the last course in Egypt here


28. 07. 2005


Dear friends and club members,

let me speak to you by this way again and bring you couple of interesting and refreshing news in these tropical days. Except of the good news there is also one bed one and that is an information about death of one of our club member and friend Mr. Tomáš Žert. I'm sure that many of you have already heard about this sad incident.

From the other news I'd like to highlight especially two of them. The first is an invitation to Croatia for 4 days of cool diving with the dive base EASY DIVER together with the new terms of courses for beginners.

Find out more, enjoy the summer and have a nice time

Yours Petr Vonka

  • Sad new
  • New terms of the diving courses and trips to Croatia
  • Last free space for the LOFOTEN 2005 Expedition
  • Horka - new location visited within the Sundays' diving
  • Actual terms of the diving safaris in Egypt
  • Complete offer of equipment for spear-fishing ON-LINE

More info in the club news

22. 06. 2005


Dear friends and club members,

here are some news from our activities. Finally we managed to finish the video from the wreck VIS, which we visited in May during our club expedition to Croatia. This video is to download in the section of local localities. Also we have placed on the web the photos from this great event.

  • Diving courses - terms
  • Report from the Sundays diving
  • New location reported by Tomas K.
  • Croatia - dive center EASYDIVER - courses in Czech
  • Sveta Marina Croatia - new location in the gallery
  • News in the shop - BARE, URSUIT, diving scooters
  • News in the Second hand

More info in the club news

10. 06. 2005

New in Second hand - SOLD



UW scooter SEEDOO ZS01. Great toy for kids as well as the adults. For snorkeling or with scuba you'll have many hours of great fun!

The set includes:

  • Batteries 7Ah
  • charger
  • transportation bag


More information :

Max. recommended depth
Weight inc. batteries
Operational time

More info in the section "Second hand "

09. 06. 2005

Terms of the dive courses OWD and introductory dives with the practical exam in the pool.

20. 06. at 19.00 in the shop Divers Direct - beginning of the 14 days OWD course and theory lesson

25. 06. - intensive weekend OWD course - Hostivař pool

23. 06. and 30. 06. at 21.00 - 22.00 on Slávia pool - introductory dives

26. 06. from 07.00 to 09.00 in Hostivař pool - introductory dives

More info here

08. 06. 2005

New in the Second Hand


Camera SONY TRV30E with UW case NIMAR and lights 2 x 50 W HLX together with the video-parabola.

The whole pack includes:

  • Camera SONY TRV30E 1,5 Mpx with remote control and charger (photo)
  • UW case NIMAR up to 80 m from resistant poly carbonate(photo)
  • Lights 50 W HLX with two batteries (7Ah) and smart charger (photo)
  • Lens adapters: wide-angle and red filter (photo)

More in the section "Second Hand"

08. 06. 2005


Photos from the Sunday's diving in Štětkovice. I's a pity it were not much of us then it wa supposed to. The dive was really nice, and even it was raining the day before there was a nice visibility of 7 m. Don't be too critical to the photos, it was the first try. Photo camera with the case, which was used is able in the club rental (Nicon 4 Mpx, 40 m, 1 GB memory, CZK 300 / day).

Next Sunday we'll go somewhere again, most probably to Hracholusky. Let us know and come along.



07. 06. 2005

Přehrada Naděje

New location reported by Tomas K.

Reservoir Naděje (50)

Reservoir Naděje is located in the woods behind Cvikov. From you drive towards Travniky and then towards settlement Nadeje and through Hamr along the stream to the reservoir. The problem might be with passing through as it is necessary to pass through couple of traffic prohibitions and according to the locals police checks occur sometimes. Access to the water is pretty good, the are the stairs going directly to the water. The water is quite cold, 11oC on the top and 5oC at the bottom (end of May 2005). The maximum depth is 4,5 m but the visibility was around 8 - 10 m. On the bottom there is lots of wood, from the side of the dam some plants are growing. I saw couple of trouts there, but they were too fast so I was not able to take the pictures. The rest might be seen from the photos. Regards ... Tom.


30. 05. 2005

Dear friends and club members,Chorvatsko

I'd like to bring you by this message again couple of interesting news together with an invitation for the club events. The time period from my last newsletter had been very rich for the news - first of all we have visited Croatia together with some of our club members and got the experiences with the local dive center. I'll write more about it later on. Concerning the equipment we extend our offer by the brands Beuchat, Atomic a nd Amaranto. Theirs collections for the year 2005 we have already on stock. Together with new goods on our stock there are big discounted sales of the last year's collections of SOPRASSUB, MARES a CRESSI. Invitation for the club event is concerning the Thursday's presentation of the pictures from Philippines done by professional photographer and diving instructor Libor Spacek who just has returned from there and the popular Sunday's diving.

Have a nice day and working air condition

Petr Vonka

More info in the club news

17. 05. 2005


Dear friends and club members,

again, I bring you couple of interesting news from the world of diving. The gallery is again bigger by some new locations e.g. Sipadan from Luděk Šefc and Štětkovice/Bořená Hora. At some of the also the new videos have occurred (Štětkovice a Borek). Also we have some news in our offer as for example ATOMICS regulators or TECHNISUB lamps.

  • SIPADAN - Luděk Šefc
  • Štětkovice/Bořená Hora - Divers Club
  • SUUNTO promotion - change your old computer for the new one
  • ATOMIC - high quality for the reasonable price
  • Invitation for the meeting with Dan Exner "FREEDIVING" in Liberec
  • Wreck weekends in Italy

17. 05. 2005


New in the Gallery - SIPADAN

Diving at Sipadan is unique by its enormous quantity of turtles, sharks (first of all the White tiped reef sharks but also Grey reef sharks or Smooth hammerhead
not many of the last ones)), big fish and huge fish shoals. Beautiful coral gardens, monumental caves with the remains of turtles who have swum inside and not found the way out to the air. The temperature of the water: 30 degrees in the lagoon, during the dive stable temperature of 29 degrees which without the noticeable thermocline dropped in the depths of 40-50m down to 28-27 degrees ;-)

More info and photos

SUUNTO Promotion

AKCE SUUNTOGet rid of your old not working dive-computer (or even the working one ... if the price of changing the battery is higher of the residual value of the comp and lasts 2 months ... ;-) For your old computer we'll give you a discount if you buy the new one from SUUNTO. The discounts are CZK 2.500 - 5.500 ... valid for models Cobra and Vytec.

More info (PDF)

Borena Hora

11. 05. 2005

New location in the section "Domestic locations" - Štětkovice. Couple of photos and video from our regular Sunday's trip which took place on 08. 05. 2005. This quarry is definitely much more interesting than Miličín, as it is larger, deeper and the visibility is more or less the same. I can really advice you this location. There is even a chance to see the carps, basses and other vermin ;-) .

If you're interested to take place in our trips, get in touch with us via phone, as we are not able to say in advance if we'll go or not, because of the weather conditions and other factors.

Ahoj Petr

06. 05. 2005


Dear funs of freediving,
we'd like to kindly invite you for an event to the town under the Ještěd mountain on the North of Bohemia.

During the last six months many interesting things happened in the world of freediving and all that was crowned by Martin Štěpánek and his two ne World records. Now, thanks to the help from Babylon Center Liberec and others, we have an opportunity to make a slide show of news from the world of freediving and have a discussion about what has lately happened.We believe that the premises of the discotheque will be fulfilled by the funs of freediving and be pleasant atmosphere.

We'll be looking forward your visit

Daniel Exner a Petr Vonka

19. 04. 2005

Dear friends and club members,

again I'm contacting you after a longer time with some information which as I hope you'll also find interesting. So, what's new ... it's a lot of it, but unfortunately it probably won't be as interesting as the actual governmental crisis or the declaration of taxes. Well, lets have a short rest from all that and lets get concerned by something important at least for a while ;-)


  • Freediving course in Awlad Baraka Egypt ... How was it like?
  • Hire purchases with CETELEM
  • Invitation for the unique diving SAFARI in Egypt with Martin Štěpánek
  • MARSA ALAM - DVD from February 2005 is finished
  • E-mail address xxx@divers.cz for the club members
  • 19. - 22. 05. trip to wreck VIS, Croatia
  • New section in the shop "Dive Shop"
  • Couple of news in the Second hand
  • Some news in the gallery
  • News in the shop, e.g. "LITEX" swimsuits and shoes to the water by MARES

More info in the club news

07. 03. 2005

Morský koník

Dear friends and club members ,

this time I have for you a very interesting collection of "skinny-dippers". You don't know what those are? These are kind of sea slugs or snails without the shell. They are beautiful, colorful and bittie. Photos of them took on the Philippines the real expert - Mr. Libor Špaček with his girlfriend Sabina. More about diving on the Philippines and other photos of different interesting animals you can find within the Gallery in the section Foreign locations (here). And how do you find the smallest sea horse? (it's less than 1cm high :-)

  • the Philippines - info and photos from Libor Špaček
  • New diving computers from UWATEC already sold also ON-LINE
  • Calendars for the year 2005 with photos by Richard Jaroněk and Tomáš Žert
  • ATX 100 + ATX 40 for friendly price CZK13.800,-
  • NORSKO - fully booked

Have a nice day

Petr Vonka

More info in the Club news

15. 02. 2005


Dear friends and members of the club,

let me inform you by this way about some news and interesting topics from the world of diving and our shop. I think that very nice photographs from our last trip to Egypt had been prepared for all lovers of diving. I have written some comments to this trip as well as supplemented the article by some more photos, even private ones (particularly from the unusual wedding, in which especially my friends are interested).

Have a nice day

Petr Vonka

  • Awlad Baraka, campsite on the South, how it was and what were our experiences in the short report
  • Have you finished the course and you are looking for the equipment? - We can help you - PACKET for SUPER price
  • New service - offer for all the video-fans - we can digitalize your videos and burn them to DVD
  • František Harant, our diving instructor has been injured and is recovering in the hospital
  • Last 4 free places for the Freediving course in Egypt
  • Strange creatures thrown out onto the shore by the TSUNAMI
  • NORWAY - Lofoten - We have date and price - go North with us

More info in the Club news

28. 01. 2005

Dear friends and members of the club,

I am again here and with me couple of, I believe that interesting, news and information. It's beautifully snowing outside and I can't get rid of an idea that talking about diving is not really actual. However there are people amongst us who go diving even during winter times. These are tough fellows being visible at the Czech quarries or on the other side cold-sensitive people to be found at the warm seas. Doesn't matter into which group you belong to hopefully you will be pleased by the following news.

BOOT 2005

  • MARES - warning for the owners of M1, DACOR DARWIN AIR and DARWIN CONSOLE
  • BOOT 2005 - fairs of the water-sports in Düsseldorf. We were there!
  • The discount for the SILVER 2000 BCD and 12L tanks (thick) is still actual
  • In the week 29. 01. - 05. 02. you'll be served in our shop by Mr. František Harant, SSI instructor
  • Freediving course in Awlad Baraka is slowly getting full, don't forget to sign up on time!
  • New video from Italy - wrecks on the Sea Lion catamaran, from our last year's trip

More info in the Club news

05. 01. 2005

Dear friends and members of the club,


let me welcome you by this way in the New Year and wish you once more all the best. As usual we bring you some interesting information, travel offers and of course some pictures as well.

In the name of the Divers Club let me express our compassion with the people affected by the last year's earthquake and subsequent tsunami wave.

But now something less serious ...

Have a nice day

Petr Vonka

  • Egypt 27. 01.- 03. 02. one week with diving on the South
  • Egypt 24. 03. - 02. 04. freediving course
  • Price lists of the diving equipment in the section "Download"
  • Benefit of the Divers Club
  • New video from the wreck HERMES / wrecks Bermudas
  • Wreck Thistlegorm in the gallery of foreign locations
  • Dahab in the gallery of foreign locations
  • New articles in second-hand store

More info in the Club news

23. 12. 2004

Dear friends and members of the club,

PF 2005after the pre-Christmas marathon, couple of PC crashes, after starting to write the Club news couple of times already, I have power left for nothing more than wish you all the best in to the New Year and first of all peaceful and nice Christmas.

Let's get new power and let the next year is again somehow better than the last year ...

Yours Petr Vonka

P. S. :-) can't resist ... Bermudas in the section "Wrecks", shop in Czech localization in the section "E-shop", DAN in Czech in the "Download" section and funny story with catfish in Czech locations ... and many more, but I'm really exhausted :-)

Dear friends and members of the club,

let me present you again some information from the world of diving and diving equipment. I believe that even during these cold days you will find the reading about diving as pleasant. There is couple of interesting price promotions which definitely are worth of your attention. Also for those of you still not decided how to spend the New Year's Eve we have a special Last Minute offer for the safari in Egypt. Come with us and discover the beauties of the Red Sea in the South Egypt area. It will be fantastic!

Have a nice day

Petr Vonka

Whitetip Shark

  • EGYPT - South safari 28. 12. - 04. 01. 2005
  • Norway - unlimited diving for tough fellows
  • Promotion Soprassub - dry suits, wings COMFORT, backpack DeLuxe
  • Brothers Island - alive with sharks
  • Tìšovice - Christmas dive this Saturday
  • Dan Exner - freediving meeting 14. 12. 2004
  • Promotion SUUNTO - Dive manager gratis, Gekko a Mosquito for better prices
  • Christmas meeting of the Divers Club members 15. 12. 2004 - Big Christmas Game

More info in the Club news

20. 11. 2004

Thinking about buying photo camera with the UW case for documenting your underwater experiences? Maybe you'll be interested by the new offer in our assortment - digital photo cameras NIKON Coolpix with the case Fantasea CP-3N usable down to 40 meters. They can be seen and touched in our shop Divers Direct in Dejvice.

Nikon Coolpix 2200


Now they are in sets for very interesting prices

Nikon Coolpix 2200 + case CP-3N to 40 meters. for unbelievable

8 210,- CZK

More info in the Club news



16. 11. 2004

Dear friends and members of the club, here I am again with some information for you ... On our web site as well as in the offer of traveling you can find exceptionally lots of changes and news. Also the sections traveling and gallery has been rebuilt.

Have a nice week Divers Cruise FIREBIRD


Petr Vonka

  • New offer of the diving safaris in Egypt with the name Divers Cruise
  • Offer of holidays in the diving camp in Marsa Alam - Egypt
  • There is new section in the gallery "High resolution photographs"
  • Foreign locations - new - BORAK - Croatia
  • Holidays at the diving center in Croatia at AMA Diving
  • SEA LION - offer of Italy's sea wrecks for next year
  • Section "Diving services" - transport for divers and others ...
  • Dominican Republic from under the water - cave Taína and reef Catalina in the Gallery
  • Descriptions and names of fish and other animals with pictures from Egypt

More info in the Club news

05. 11. 2004

Greetings for all the divers. I'm sure that many of us are already looking forward skiing, but for sure there are people amongst us who are not afraid of cold waters. For hardies we have an action organized next month - diving session at Amerika quarry. For the others there is couple of interesting news and new pictures in gallery.

Have a nice week Komorník

Petr Vonka

  • Amerika 11. 12., from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.
  • Sharm el Sheikh - seen by Petr Vařil (video and photo)
  • News section - review of photo and video cameras together with the UW cases (first is Fuji Finepix 710)
  • New photos from the Sunday's diving at Leštinka
  • News in second-hand shop
  • News in our shop in Dejvice (sales of summer and winter clothes 80 % discount)

More info in the Club news

25. 10. 2004

Autumn is here together with the improved quality and visibility of the waters. According to the received reports waters are still quite warm (10 - 13 degrees) with the visibility around 10 m and 6 m in the reservoirs. As we were informed the diving season just starts as there is finally something visible under the water ;-) . And there is something about it! Sunday's diving was perfect as usual. This time we went to Orlická přehrada.

  • Sunday's diving Leštinka
  • New location Attersee, by Jirky Schona
  • Second-hand shop and news
  • Promotions - Tanks 12 L, valves, manometers
  • Diving festival on the South of Bohemia 6.-7.11.2004
  • D 9 - newcomer from SUUNTO
  • Tanks holder from Petra K.

More info in the Club news

21. 10. 2004

New item in the club's second-hand shop from Zdenek P. - BCD Technisub for 5 500,- CZK.

More info in the Club news

18. 10. 2004

New video from wreck Vila. It's a little bit bigger but hopefully worth of waiting for it.

More info in the Club news

15. 10. 2004

Dear friends, today I don't have as many information as the last time for you, but I hope that you will find the following information interesting.

  • How was the Sunday's diving on 10. 10. 2004 ?
  • There is new section "Second-hand diving shop" created
  • New video from the wreck "Sassi"
  • New video from the location "Rovínek"
  • Offer of tank, BCD and regulator in the section "Second-hand diving shop"

More info in the Club news

12. 10. 2004

For Sunday 17. 10. 2004 Divers Club plans diving again. This time we'd like to go to Borek. Most probably it will be pretty cold already, but if it won't rain, we'll go. Who wants to join us, just sign up. Meeting on Sunday at 9 a.m. in Dejvice in front of the shop as usual. Price depends on the number of participant 400 - 600 CZK (transport and dive). Possibility of equipment rental.

How was the Sunday's diving on 10.10.2004 ? (video and photo in gallery of inland locations)


09. 10. 2004

Dear friends,

let me introduce you to the news and interesting activities of the club. Our web site has been changed - what happened and what changes? Are there any price promotions? Are we going to dive anymore or shell we go directly for the holidays in the mountains?

  • There is new section "Diving school " created
  • Gallery has been divided into more sub-sections
  • Offer of services for advertisement agencies
  • How were we like with Martin Štěpánek
  • Support for instructors
  • Nice photos from Hvar by Karel Cihelna
  • T-Mobile and Maersk already know, what is diving about
  • Interesting price offer for dry suits and undersuits Soprassub

More info in the Club news

21. 09. 2004

"On the catamaran to the Gulf of Venice - The deepest doesn't necessary mean the best"

How was our trip to the wrecks of Italy and Slovenia
on the catamaran Sea Lion you can read here.

21. 09. 2004

  • 22. 09. 2004 An evening on the topic "Freediving" ... Martin Štěpánek and Mirek Hrdý
  • Underwater camera and case in the rental of Divers Club
  • 02. 10. 2004 again Freemarket - flea market for divers
  • Last free weekends in Slovenia or in Italy closer to the wrecks
  • New photos of the wrecks and report from the last trip to the wrecks already On-line "On the catamaran to the Gulf of Venice - The deepest doesn't necessary mean the best" by Michal Hevr

More info in the Club news

30. 08. 2004

  • Festival of divers in Senec "PLUTVA 2004" 17. - 18. 09. 2004
  • International movie festival "MFPF 2004" in High Tatras 20 - 24. 10. 2004
  • Premiere of the movie "Cesta pod mrazivou hladinu Antarktidy" Miroslav Hrdý 20. 09. 2004, Kino Blaník
  • UW cases BS KINETICS for the cameras already on the shop - come to have a look at them
  • Divers Direct has acquired the production of DeepKiss deep meters

More info in the Club news

09. 08. 2004

Slovenia Sea Lion

For the week 14. - 21. 08. there is a round trip for the wrecks in Italy and Slovenia on the plan. There are last 3 places free so if you have still no plans for August just come with us. On this trip we'll be guided by the connoisseur of the local conditions Mr. Michal Hevr, Divemaster IANTD. He has great knowledge about the area around Venice and has done many dives here. The coordinates of following wrecks are known:

  • Evdokia (sunk 1991) - length cca 80m, deep 18 - 27m
  • Quintino Sella, bow (sunk 1943) - smaller part of the destroyer, deep 17 - 24m
  • Quintino Sella, stern (sunk 1943) - bigger part of the destroyer, deep 17 - 24m, cca 150m from each other
  • Vila (sunk 1935) - length cca 100m, deep 19 - 23m
  • Sassi (sunk 1966) - length cca 50m, deep 19 - 22m
  • Brigantino - curiosity from the 17th century, deep 5m, 400m from the shore
  • Kec (2ndWW) - length cca 40m, deep 18 - 22m

We also would like to try to find the following wrecks:

  • Nivia (sunk 1995)
  • Liberator B-24
  • Thunderbolt P-47, wrecks of the aircrafts from the 2nd WW
  • minisubmarine Molch

More about the wrecks together with the map in the section wrecks.

... and how everything was you can find out in the report from the trip HERE

We have last three places free - price inc. transportation 10.000,- CZK

09. 08. 2004

Divers' Freemarket alias Divers' flea market

First flea market took place on the Saturday, August 24. The amount of participants was not huge, but let say it was satisfactory. I'd say, that around 50 people came to have a look at the goods from 6 exhibitors offering fins, masks, first and second stages, classical BCD's as well as the wings and other gadgets. From the interesting things, there was UW scooter See-Doo and hang-engine Yamaha. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side, so the whole action had finished around 11 a.m., so the latecomers could only regret. Nevertheless this action was good occasion to meet new people and discussions about diving, locations and experiences took place all around. I believe, that all the participants spent a good time and made good deals. Photos can be seen in the gallery on www.divers.cz.

After getting new experiences we add new service to our offer. This is advertisement of unsold goods - the articles you don't sell we make photos of and add them to our advertisement section which will be available during August on www.divers.cz.

The next flea market will take place last Saturday of August, that means 28. 08. 2004 at same time 9,00 - 14,00.

Make your reservation enough in advance

24. 07. 2004

"Divers' flea market"
24. 07. 2004 at the yard of Divers Direct in Dejvice

There is a occasion ready for everyone who have unused or unsuitable diving equipment at home and want to get rid of it.

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25. 07. 2004

Sunday's diving

Next Sunday 25. 07. 04 you can join us for the diving in the quarry, located in ESE, South Bohemia. The quarry belongs to Dan Hofman from Vodňany who is already looking forward seeing us. A bigger quantity of the fish has been planted into the quarry, so I hope we'll have something to look at. The departure is at 9,00 a.m. from Dejvice so by noon we should be on place. On the way we'll stop for lunch and on the way back for supper most probably. The price per head and 2 dives (tanks, air, fee for the owner, transportation) is CZK 800. The car is air-conditioned and comfortable so don't drive if you don't have to and have your favorite beer for the lunch. Photos from dives for free :-).

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08. 07. 2004

We were on ISPO 2004 (international fair of sport goods in Munich)

ISPO 2004 on the Munich's fair area has not brought any big news or changes, anyway it was pleasure to see the new collections from clothes producers such as Speedo, Arena or Adidas. Except of these big brands many producers of equipment for in-line skaters, skateboarders and volley-ball players had exhibited their goods. But even us interested in the diving equipment had found what we came for. There were many Asian producers offering really everything and sometimes very interesting - watches, masks, fins, snorkels, lamps, ... Naturally it is not possible to order 1 or 5 pieces, but one has to order the whole container which is a little bit limiting, but I believe that the brand producers had made their choice from this offer so the next year their will introduce us these goods with adequate sticker on :-).

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21. 06. 2004

The last weekend we have spent with our members in Slovenia. The weather and sea conditions were good, so except of the backs burnt from the sun we have brought back with us also many nice experiences. Except of the more demanding dives to the wreck Kec we have made many easy but nice dives in the marine parks Ronek and Madona Piran. I have estimated the visibility for 10 m and at the wreck a little bit less than 7 m. The water temperature was very pleasant around 20 degrees. 

11. 06. 2004

Sea Lion

As usual, I write here about our boat operating in the Slovenian waters. On the web site you can find when there are still free places on the boat. But what's missing there is the offer of prolonged weekends which I would like to present you here:

Terms: 24. - 27. 06. 2004 full

  • Departures always on Thursdays at 19-20.
  • On Friday at cca 7- 8 arrival to Portorož
  • Friday whole day diving (2-4 dives)
  • Saturday whole day diving (2-4 dives)
  • Sunday morning diving (1-2 dives)
  • Sunday noon departure to Prague
  • Arrival around 0,00 (it is possible to catch the last subway)

Included in the price CZK 4.500,- : transportation, accommodation, skippers services, rental and filling of the tanks, beddings.

The amount of participants for one trip is limited by 7 persons. Do not hesitate and make your reservation.

We have reserved a right to cancel the trip in the case of whole week booking.

June's whole week terms today offered for the special price CZK 8.000 for divers and 6.000 for non-divers.