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I recently completed the Open Water Diver course with instructor Tomas, who guided/coached us throughout the course. The approach of the agency and the instructor was very friendly beyond my expectations. I especially appreciate the individual approach and time flexibility. I am looking forward to further dives and extending the course to the next level 🙂 .
Coincidentally, a friend of mine is currently taking a diving course, but with a different agency, which he purchased at a lower price through Slevomat. When we were discussing what all is and isn’t included in the price of the course, he is paying extra for renting a wetsuit and other equipment, there are 8-10 people in the group (we were two), they don’t practice emergency exits and other quite important things and last but not least he has been doing the course for three months and still hasn’t finished it because they can’t agree on a time with the instructor. While this is not a cheap hobby, I always recommend studying the details of the course and taking it with professionals.

Tomáš K.

Thanks to everyone who helped us to complete the OWD course, especially Adele and Zdenek for their teaching, professional advice and time flexibility. No question was left unanswered. Diving in Čestlice late at night and finishing at the quarry in Germany. And if you think you got rid of us with this, I have bad news, we are already planning more rematches with you at this time. PS: the promised temperature of the quarry in September really even though the weather was ordered, was not 20degrees in the end even in 4degrees we could do it 😃 Keep it up.

Jaroslav S.

We liked the communication with Mrs. Adela when booking (and then changing) the date. The event itself was a great experience. Already from the arrival of the nice gentleman with whom we checked in. Then the instructor Zdenek was great – sons (17 years old) were diving for the first time – he explained everything, showed, tried with them – gave them maximum attention. The boys enjoyed it and thanks to the windows into the pit, I enjoyed it too as I could see the whole dive. So very satisfied !


After a lot of persuasion I managed to convince my girlfriend to instrument diving, we went to Čestlice, where they have an 8m pit, where we were taken by an experienced instructor PEPÍNO. He explained everything to us on dry land, he was patient even with such klutzes as we were. Underwater he doesn’t let you make any mistakes and keeps asking if everything is 👌. It was a real experience for us and we can recommend it to everyone and we are already looking forward to more new underwater experiences with Divers Direct. PS:Pepino thank you very much

Jaromír P.

Jaromír P.

Something incredible happened this evening, after many years I decided to jump into a choppy pool with scuba gear under the supervision of an experienced, friendly heartthrob for the underwater world. Thank you Zdenek, it was an unforgettable experience and thank you so much for your time above and below the sea in the aquapalace. My hat is off to all who are kissed by diving.

Petr Č.

I took an OWD course with Divers direct. I am absolutely satisfied and the overall approach of the instructors and other staff exceeded my expectations. The final weekend was TOP 👍evaluation of Instructor Dominik – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Eliška P.

Excellent diving team, they will advise you and help you plan everything you need. Diving courses and diving pit in Čestlice.

Ondřej D.

I have completed a number of courses (OWD and AOWD specializations) under the guidance of the fantastic instructor Adela and I cannot recommend Divers Direct, and especially instructor Adela (not least instructor Adam), highly enough!

Jan R.

If you want quality snorkelling or diving equipment, go to Divers Direct! 🙂

Iveta L.

I would like to thank the Divers Direct team for a wonderful diving trip to Marsa Sagra . Adela , Adam, Dominik – Professionals who were by each of our side both on the surface and underwater 😉 Team on which you can rely . Everything was perfectly organized . There were 17 of us , thanks to our instructors we were able to work as a team , dive , and every breakfast , lunch , dinner , have fun at the same table .We did not have to deal with anything – everything was arranged by our wonderful instructors , just dive from morning to night and admire the beauty of the Red Sea . It was for both experienced divers and beginners. Services Camp :Diving facilities , accommodation , staff , food- top notch.
Thank you very much
I look forward to more tours with you
Vasya Olga and Rene

Olga H.

The largest swimming and diving shop in the country and the best diving school.

Josef S.

I have had a very positive experience with this dealer. The saleswoman’s approach has always been very helpful, supportive and professional. I definitely recommend buying from this store!

René J.

Always pleasant and smiling staff, who also give professional perfect advice…

Michal Z.

Hi divers, on Monday 9.8.2021 I finally enjoyed a Christmas present from my daughter with my buddy in life and underwater – underwater escape in the diving pit in Aquapalace Prague-Cestlice. I would like to thank the instructor Zdeněk, who prepared everything perfectly, explained and took pictures of us. The escape room is well thought out from the idea, through the props, codes and layout of the game throughout the depth of the pit. Thank you very much and we recommend it to everyone! Lenka

Lenka L.

Communication with the customer: in case of unavailability of the ordered goods they recommended another, better product for the same price


We would like to thank you for the Sunday mermaid course in Čestlice. My daughter enjoyed it very much and since yesterday she has been living only this experience. The instructor Petra was impeccable with the children and they made incredible progress in the hour of swimming. Thank you again and may you all do well.

Simona B.

Do you want to start diving ? Or just to dive on a pit there is nothing easier than at Divers Direct. The helpfulness of the complete staff and the professionalism, these guys know what they are doing and really mean it. And if you spice it up with some adventure and a dive trip whether Valhalla that is of course a very strong bond or anywhere else you will certainly not go wrong and will only enjoy …. I highly recommend DD.

Tomáš M.

I spent a week on a boat in Oman. Adéla and Adam took great care of us, solving any situations or problems that arose. There was a great effort to make everything run as smoothly as possible so that we could all enjoy it together as much as possible. I also witnessed the training of the trainees and here again I was very pleasantly surprised how the course was run with the aim of imparting as much information and experience as possible to make diving as safe as possible while having fun underwater. Thank you very much, it was great.

Jiří Ch.

I highly recommend a diving course from Dominik from Diveland s.r.o. Perfect approach from Dominik as an instructor who knows what he is doing. His diving experience is invaluable for training. He will prepare you perfectly for everything. In their brick and mortar shop you can buy equipment , which they will be happy to advise you with according to their long experience. There is nothing to add. Thank you again for completing the course Dominic.

Michal K.

Something incredible happened this evening, after many years I decided to jump into a choppy pool with scuba gear under the supervision of an experienced, friendly heartthrob for the underwater world. Thank you Zdenek, it was an unforgettable experience and thank you so much for your time above and below the sea in the aquapalace. My hat is off to all who are kissed by diving.

Petr Č.

My friends and I took an OWD course, with no previous diving experience. From the first moments the course was run in a very friendly spirit. I admire the steady nerves of the instructors Adela and Zdenda, everything explained and practiced several times to perfection. Super time flexibility for training on the pit. The end of the course took place at the quarry, where you will make use of everything you have learned during the course. Absolutely no negative experiences, all highly recommended. Looking forward to the next underwater event with Divers Direct👌🧜♂️

Petr U.

We’ve been diving for over 10 years. The diving holiday in Oman was the best we have experienced so far. Perfect organization, concern for our comfort and totally professional approach. Adele and Adam, thank you very much once again. Jana and Milos

Jana R.

You know that the pit in Průhonice is much deeper than it appears through those two small windows 🥺🤣. Many thanks to Adele for her patience in answering stupid and even stupider questions during a very intense OWD course. As she promised at the beginning, the weather was awesome in the quarry. No one in our large group drowned and everyone resurfaced, ugh (at times it seemed more like no one was going to drown). Thanks to Zdend for ensuring smooth dives in Průho. Thanks to Pepin for not being afraid to join such a “futile” group at the quarry 😃. Thanks to your whole team. Look forward, we are already choosing where to sign up next 😆.

Lenka S.

Professionals and total enthusiasts at the same time. From the beginning to the end one does not get bored, on the contrary, the school plays, but with all seriousness and safety. It didn’t matter whether I was having fun with this or that, from everyone a professional and friendly approach.
My instructor: Dominik Zíma, I can only recommend him, but also the other instructors I had the opportunity to meet during their weekend events. The enthusiasm was so great that I am continuing with the follow-up courses and looking forward to more experiences and knowledge. Cheers :-)))))

David B.

Thank you very much Dominik for the great OWD course. We were always in small numbers and there was time to practice what I was not good at. I am looking forward to more diving experiences. The shop has also always been great in advising me on my purchases. I like it when people do what they enjoy. It shows in their work. Also, thank you Adele for the detailed information about the rental shop and the drysuit.

Michael S.

A community of very nice people. I took a basic scuba diving course with them and I’m about to upgrade and I wouldn’t actually go to anyone else. Best bunch in the world. They always help and advise with the selection. They have a space in Aquapalace where you can start diving or go with them to many cool events abroad. I can’t praise them enough 🙂

Kristýna P.

Excellent diving school. Great attitude and quality teaching of everything you need to dive. Also quality equipment not only for purchase but also for rent. The instructors are great and approach everything professionally. Especially the instructor Adéla is fantastic and with her the diving was a blast!

Daniel Z.

Helpful team, great service and quality products! Professional approach in choosing diving equipment. Despite being abroad for a long time, all requests were handled quickly and long distance communication flawless. Thank you

Eliška Š.

Great experience,absolutely perfect and professional approach,friendly atmosphere,if you are looking for someone to choose for the courses,I definitely recommend 👍👍👍👍.For me stars at least ten.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Olivie T.

Great dive school, shop and club all in one. I’ve been on SSI courses with Divers Direct and there is actually something to learn and the instructors are not rushed (it’s not just a card) and really experienced. Weekend diving with the club at Czech quarries is great too, the organisers can work out a dive (and buddy ) for everyone’s preferences and skills so it’s never boring.

Karel K.

I have always been scared of diving and originally wanted to do just a basic OWD course. I was expecting a crash course similar to what they show in Egypt, but what I got was absolutely incomparable. The amazing one-on-one approach with detailed explanations of not only basic but also more advanced skills, the tailoring of the course to my time, the patience of the instructor Tomas and the friendly welcome of the whole Divers Direct team gave me friends for life and a desire to improve. I am now doing Stress and Rescue and want to go on to Dive Master and who knows, maybe even further.

Eliška V.